World Class Technology

Atlas, Sahibabad has a huge manufacturing facility located at Sahibabad (Gaziabad). It has a production line capable of producing more than 4 million cycles per annum. In a very short span of time, Atlas, Sahibabad has developed its production unit into a hi-tech, state of the art facility with all the latest machine and instruments essential for producing sophisticated and high quality bicycles. Automated hi-technology machines and state-of-the art infrastructure ensures precision engineering, optimum application of manpower, and obtaining value of time. Accuracy is maintained at the decimal level.

Quality Control

Dedication to quality is an unwritten code at Atlas. Every Atlas cycle undergoes a series of rigorous & uncompromising quality control tests. Individual parts of every cycle are checked for quality, endurance and roadworthiness under the supervision of skilled manpower.

By following philosophy of continual upgradation and improvement, it has adorned a culture that embraces quality. The company has also been accredited with ISO-9001-2008 certification from British Standards Institution.

Research & Development

Atlas has allocated a sizeable budget for every research and development activities aimed at improving the product design, obtaining material optimization, improving surface finishing methods as well as better handling and packing techniques.

Atlas is the only complete bicycle producing unit in India to have been accorded recognition for its in-house Research & Development by the Government of India.

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